George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science
High School

Teenagers are alive with questions about the world and their place in it. As they grow away from childhood, their questions shift and change. Carver High School’s mission is to help teenagers become in the deepest sense, the people they are meant to be. This is an education that prepares students for college, and more. It is not simply an education geared to the requirements of national tests.

At Carver, the curriculum is rigorous; academic classes emphasize the development of independent investigation, critical thinking, and applied academic and creative skills that Carver students will later use to contribute to their community.

To achieve this vision, Carver engages all students in developing 21st Century Skills–critical thinking and creative problem solving skills–in an integrated and rigorous college-preparatory curriculum that integrates the arts and environmental stewardship. Ultimately, through the course of four years at Carver, each student will find his/her own unique path towards becoming intelligent, self-confident, and socially responsible individuals.