Elder Creek
Elementary School

Contact: (916) 395-4555

Grades: K-6

Mascot: Bear

Uniform: White or navy blue collared shirts, navy blue or khaki pants

Signature field trip: Raging Waters (six grade)

Special program: GATE; Chinese Language Immersion classes in K-4

Clubs: Young Authors, Drum Club

After-school: START

Elder Creek Elementary, serving approximately 700 elementary students, emphasizes math and reading fundamentals.  A highly experienced staff provides students with the academic, social skills and confidence to become successful, responsible citizens in a changing world.  Programs include Chinese Immersion, GATE clusters, Caring School Community, music classes (drums, keyboard, strings, recorder and dance), P.E., START, Young Authors Club, Yarn Club, Adult ESL and computer classes allowing students to maximize their potential and become people of character and integrity through technology and the arts.