Elementary School

School Neighborhood Schools 95826

Contact: (916) 395-4695

Grades: K-6

Enrollment: 500

Mascot: The Stars

School colors: Black and gold

Uniform: None required

Signature field trip: Sly Park (6th grade)

Sports: Spring track program

Special program: Balanced literacy

After-school program: 4th R

Sequoia is dedicated to helping children develop the knowledge, character and social responsibility that create contributing members of society. In partnership with our wider community, we work to promote successful learning in a safe, caring environment where all are respected and encouraged to reach their highest potential.

Sequoia is a high performing school with a very skilled and committed staff.  The PTA sponsors many family events, including Fall Fair, Movie Night and Family Dances.  Technology is used in the classrooms and classes visit a staffed library and computer lab weekly.