Caroline Wenzel
Elementary School

School Neighborhood Schools 95831

Contact: (916) 395-4525

Grades: K-6

Mascot: Wild Cat

School colors: Blue and white

Uniform: Navy or khaki bottoms, solid white or solid blue tops or spirit wear

Sports: Soccer and basketball 

Signature field trips: Sly Park (6th grade)

Special programs: Reading Partners

After-school: ACES and Fourth R

Caroline Wenzel, located in the heart of Greenhaven, serves a diverse student population of 500 students.  Programs and services offered that support student achievement include: GATE cluster classes, special education inclusion program, 4th R before and after-school program, Reading Partners, Targeted Instruction, Healthy Start and push-in resource services.  In addition, there are many community partners that offer after-school enrichment programs such as Young Actors Stage, Baton Twirling, Girls on the Run and scouts.  Student achievement and attendance is regularly celebrated.