Genevieve F. Didion
K-8 School

School Neighborhood Schools 95831

Contact: (916) 395-4575

Grades: K-8

Enrollment: 641

Mascot: Dragon

School colors: Blue and red

Uniform: None required

Sports: Basketball, soccer, golf (7-8 grades)

Signature field trips: Sly Park, Catalina Island, Washington, D.C.

Clubs: Mathletes, Speech and Debate, Yearbook, Student Government

After-school: Fourth R, Early Engineers, Mad Science

At Genevieve Didion K-8 School, we envision a rich and balanced, standards-driven educational program.  The success of all students- academic, social, emotional and physical- is the primary focus of our entire learning community.  Our collective commitment is to respect and honor the diverse talents, abilities and needs of each individual child.  Our mission is to provide each student with the skills and knowledge necessary to learn at high levels and to prepare them for higher education and effective citizenship beyond.  Our staff is committed to a culture of high expectations and continuous improvement through a collaborative approach that utilizes meaningful data and research-based best practices.