Phoebe Hearst
Elementary School

Phoebe Hearst Elementary offers families a progressive, structured, and highly rigorous education.  With an extremely positive academic climate, fostered by great parent participation and a number of enrichment opportunities in and out of the classroom, students have the opportunity to develop academically, socially, and culturally.  Each class at Phoebe Hearst operates under the BASIC Model, an educational program that emphasizes the development of strong skills in Language Arts and Mathematics, excellent study habits, exemplary citizenship and attendance.  Additionally, parental support at home contributes to our students’ success in this rigorous program.  A collaborative relationship between parents and teachers creates ideal conditions for student learning and high levels of achievement. Beginning in first grade, a number of students are also identified through a multi-step process for the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program. Because Phoebe Hearst is considered a GATE Center, students are awarded spots in a designated GATE class through a district lottery.  In this class (grades 2-6), students are offered highly challenging learning opportunities that follow the Common Core State Standards in depth, breadth, and pace of instruction designed to meet the needs of advanced learners, with an emphasis on critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and logical reasoning.

Our mission at Phoebe Hearst Elementary School is to use our resources, expertise, talents and creativity to help every student achieve literacy in all academic areas and to foster social responsibility and self-esteem.

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