School of Engineering and Sciences
Middle & High School (7-12)

The School of Engineering and Sciences (SES) is one of Sacramento City Unified School District’s career-themed schools designed to prepare students for careers in science and engineering. The academic program at SES is very rigorous and it requires advanced skills in the areas of critical thinking, technology, communication and collaboration, and organization. All students at SES take an engineering course each year in addition to the standard academic core courses (ELA, Math, History, etc.). Engineering courses expose students to various types of engineering, help them develop marketable job skills, and serve as a platform for many of the school’s integrated unit projects. They are also required to complete formal presentations in front of a panel of judges every year. Students focus on unique coursework and mentorships aligned to their personal goals. Students have numerous opportunities to interact with professionals in a variety of scientific fields of study through career exploration activities. For students interested in advanced course options, we offer GATE for middle school and Advanced Placement (AP) in high school.

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