Hollywood Park
Elementary School (TK-6)

School Neighborhood Schools 95822

Hollywood Park Elementary School is a small neighborhood school, located in the Hollywood Park neighborhood, between Land Park and South Land Park. We celebrate the charm that our tight-knit, community school has to offer. Students in grades Kindergarten-6th Grade participate in a multitude of exciting learning opportunities. As a staff, we are dedicated to your child’s education. We take pride in providing a well-rounded and rigorous curriculum that includes Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, CLARA, SEL partnership with CSUS.. We are implementing our instruction through the California Common Core State Standards, which focus on a deep, conceptual understanding of instructional content. Our students learn computer skills and use technology and the Internet as tools for learning and research. Every student is provided a MacBook in their classroom to use for research and teachers instruct with technology integration.

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