Pony Express
Elementary School

Contact: (916) 395-4690

Grades: K-6

Mascot: Pony Riders

School colors: Blue and white

Uniform: None required

Special programs: GATE (grades 4-6)

Parent groups: PTA

Signature field trips: Sly Park, Coloma

After-school programs: START, 4th R

Pony Express’s vision for success is a safe school where all students are empowered to achieve high academic standards, be critical thinkers and become technologically prepared for a competitive global society. 

To accomplish our vision we will provide a rigorous, standards-based curriculum that enables all students to meet and exceed established measures of success; employ effective, research-based teaching strategies that meet the needs of all students; provide a balanced curriculum that develops the confidence and abilities needed for independent decision-making; consistently involve all students, staff, parents and community members in decision-making to improve the achievement of all students; be a professional, reflective community engaging in active and open communication to support the needs of our students; and be a “21st Century” school with state-of-the art technology used for teaching, learning, assessment and achievement.  Pony Express, a Title I Achieving School and a California Distinguished School, provides Pre-school Autistic, Resource Specialist, Gifted and Talented Education programs, art, social studies, science, P.E., clubs, START and 4th R.