Alice Birney Public Waldorf
TK-8 School

Alice Birney TK-8 School focuses on the healthy development of each child. The dedicated staff prides themselves in offering a balanced curriculum, which includes activities of the heart, hands, and head. The cognitive, artistic, and practical lessons are designed to develop the capacities that reflect individual students’ experiences. The children’s wills and temperaments are validated as the whole child is educated.

Parental involvement and student attendance are an expectation at Alice Birney. Parents are partners in the educational process. Extensive research connects student success with high parent involvement and regular attendance. Participating in parent meetings, school functions and individual parent/teacher conferences, volunteering time at the site, attending to the physical beauty of the school, chaperoning or driving on field trips, supporting the Pledge Drive, Online e-SCRIP, and other fundraisers are opportunities for parents to be involved. The best way for parents to support their student’s education is to make sure they are at school, on time, each day. Because Alice Birney’s lessons are experiential and utilize direct instruction, attendance is crucial for student’s to achieve their highest potential.