Elementary School

School Neighborhood Schools 95818

Contact: (916) 395-4535

Grades: K-6

Mascot: Cub

School colors: Red and blue

Uniform: Red or white tops, blue bottoms

Signature field trip: Sly Park, Water World

Clubs: Running Club, Debate, Chess Mates, Early Engineers, Mad Science, Spanish

The arts: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Young Actors Stage, Kids Art, Backyard Art Academy

Special programs: Early Kinder

After-school: Fourth R

In all of our activities, Crocker/Riverside Elementary School is committed to providing a quality education for all students.  Our goal is to guide children to become fully participating citizens by giving them a strong academic education in a nurturing environment that recognizes diversity, promotes healthy choices and embraces community involvement.

Students receive a challenging and rigorous academic curriculum supported with enrichment activities, hands-on and real-life experiences, community resources and active parent participation and involvement.  Parent and community participation are outstanding and continue to provide vital assistance to our educational program.  In addition to instruction in the core curriculum, students are provided learning opportunities in our library, art through the Art Docent program, creative writing experience with the Young Author Program, science enrichment for grades 1-6, student newspaper and a computer lab.  The school provides a number of after-school programs including band, drama, orchestra, foreign languages, art, chess club, baton, choir and a running/fitness program for the students.