Sacramento New Technology
High School

Sacramento New Technology

Contact: (916) 395-5254

Grades: 9-12

Mascot: Timberwolf

School colors: Purple, black and white

Uniform: None required

Special programs: New Tech is a member of the New Technology Network and offers courses in Technology and Engineering, Computer Graphics and Visual Communications, Digital Media and Computer Science.

Signature field trips: Tenth grade Forestry Challenge, camping

Sacramento New Technology High School (SNTHS) is a member of the New Technology Network, a Gates funded initiative.The school targets individual student interests and the development of individual responsibility by teaching in a creative, business-like culture that values learning at high levels.The major mode of instruction is through project based learning, or PBL, that enables higher levels learning through recognition of the relevance of the content that students study.The school features a 1:1 ratio of computers to students in a state-of-the-art facility.Students maintain a digital portfolio of their work that includes evidence of meeting ten identified learning outcomes and participate in regular exhibitions of their learning along with student-colleagues who participated on various projects.

SNTHS promotes academic achievement through:

  • Research and standards-based Project Based Learning curriculum
  • Interventions for student below grade level in math or reading
  • Personal Learning Plans to develop pathways to College and the world of work
  • Advisory to guide students to success
  • Certificate of Initial Mastery upon passing Exit Exam
  • Community College classes (12 units) required for graduation
  • Senior internship required for graduation
  • Certificate of Advanced Mastery for graduation by exhibition (Digital Portfolio)
  • University A-G requirements and 260 credits for graduation

SNTHS promotes real life skills:

  • Certification of technological proficiency
  • Collaboration scores documented in portfolio
  • Real world application of skills and knowledge documented in portfolio
  • Workplace experience including Job Shadowing and Internship
  • Task and goal oriented performance
  • Ability to analyze complex problems and derive creative solutions
  • Participative citizenship
  • Strong work ethic