Peter Burnett
Elementary School

Contact: (916) 395-4680

Grades: K-6

Enrollment: 713

Mascot: Hawk

School colors: Blue and white

Uniform: Navy blue bottoms, white tops

Special programs: Reading Partners

GATE: Grades 4-6

Parent groups: PTA

After school: START. Click here to learn more.

Peter Burnett students are part of a caring and safe community where high expectations for students and staff are clearly outlined and modeled.  Peter Burnett is also a place where all students, staff, parents and community partners collaborate and work together in order to establish a culture of excellence and success for every member of our community. 

Our students are provided with additional support and academic intervention at all grade levels and are also challenged to maximize their potential with programs like GATE, Strings Music and MESA.  Finally, Peter Burnett is a place where everyone is respected, accepted and where accomplishments are continuously celebrated through regular awards ceremonies.