Title Typesort icon Attachment
Ethnic Origin and Race Questionnaire PSL-F054
Retirement Questionnaire PSL-F055
Sexual Harassment Reporting Acknowledgement of Receipt and Agreement to Comply PSL-F056
Workers Compensation Reporting PSL-F057
Certificate of Medical Examination of Applicants for First Employment in a California School District or County Superintendent of Schools Office PSL-F058
Certificated Substitute Profile Sheet PSL-F059
Newly Hired Certificated Personnel Acknowledgement: Education Code 44839(a) Requirements PSL-F060
Payroll Update Sheet PSL-F061
Authorization of Sick Leave (100 Day Differential) PSL-F062
Request for Sick Leave Balance PSL-F063
Checklist of Forms-New Employee PSL-F064
Checklist of Forms-Standard PSL-F065
Checklist of Forms - Substitute PSL-F066
Checklist of Forms-Benefits Only PSL-F067
New Employee Orientation Schedule PSL-F068
Request to Process or Eligibility PSL-F069
Request for Transfer - SEIU Classified PSL-F070
Surplus Special Returning Transfer Application-Certificated PSL-F071
Pre-Employment Checklist PSL-F072
Selection Card PSL-F073
Interview Panel Confidentiality Agreement PSL-F075
Early Retirement Incentive Plan and Agreement-Certificated PSL-F076
Subpoenaed Records Affidavit PSL-F077
Voluntary Reduction of Time (SEIU) PSL-F078
Classified Interview Form PSL-F079
Classified Summary Rating Sheet PSL-F080
Classified Interview Team Report and Recommendation PSL-F081
Applicant Reference Check: Classified and Management PSL-F082
Applicant Reference Check: Certificated PSL-F083
Certificated Interview Team Report and Recommendation PSL-F084
Request for Employee Records PSL-F085
Management Interview Team Report and Recommendation PSL-F087
Title IX Grievance Review Request PSL-F088
Complaint Form PSL-F089
Staff Change Report PSL-F090
No Child Left Behind (NCLB): All Teachers PSL-F091
No Child Left Behind (NCLB): Teachers New to the Profession PSL-F092
NCLB: Teachers Not New to the Profession PSL-F093
Leave of Absence Request Checklist PSL-F094
Return From Leave of Absence PSL-F095
QWIZ Skills Testing Schedule PSL-F096
How to Use the Work Number PSL-F097
Teacher Salary Card PSL-F098
Evaluation of Probationary Classified Personnel PSL-F099
Substitute Teacher Evaluation Notice - Cover Sheet and Form PSL-F100
Classified Substitute Evaluation PSL-F101
Performance Evaluation of Classified Personnel PSL-F102
Improvement Plan-Classified Personnel PSL-F102A
Management Evaluation of Work Performance PSL-F104
Certificated Personnel Evaluation Charter School PSL-F105