Business and Operations

Business Services


The Business Services Division provides a wide variety of services to support our employees, students, school sites, community and parents.  This division is responsible for all fiscal activities related to accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, employee compensation, purchasing, the warehouse and risk management and employee benefits.  In addition, Business Services also oversees contracts, central printing and internal audit.  This department coordinates and interacts closely with district staff and provides information to the Board upon which policy decisions are made.  Short-term and long-term financial planning are also a responsibility of this department as well as providing contract information to the Board.

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Accounting Services


Our services include:

  • Paying the District’s invoices and employee reimbursements
  • Tracking funds used for construction projects, renovations, and facility repairs
  • Collecting and depositing cash receipts
  • Monitoring student activity funds
  • Reconciling petty cash accounts
  • Maintaining the District’s ledgers

Payroll Services


Payroll Services is responsible for paying nearly 6,300 employees — including full-time, part-time, temporary, and substitute employees. Payroll processes all service credits for the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS). We invite you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Budget Services


Welcome to the world of Budget Services!  11.5 FTE provide customer service to sites and departments who in turn, facilitate services to students. We establish, maintain and oversee more than 100,000 accounts within the District’s $732 million budget for 2019-20. We provide detailed information of how the District spends its resources. In addition, Budget Services reports expenditure information to federal, state and local government on a regular basis.

Health Benefits


All permanent full-time employees are eligible to enroll themselves and their dependents in the health benefit programs. New employees must sign up for health insurance within thirty days of their date of hire to participate. Most employees qualify if they are working 50% or more for the year but benefits vary by bargaining unit so employees should refer to the applicable collective bargaining union contract. Eligible dependents include lawful spouse or registered domestic partner, children under 26 years of age, stepchildren and legally adopted children.

Contracts Office


Home of Sacramento City Unified School District’s online professional services and construction bidding information.

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Purchasing Services


Welcome To Sacramento City Unified School District Purchasing Services


5735 47th Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95824
District Box # 830
(916) 643-9460
Purchasing Fax: (916) 399-2021
Buyers Fax: (916) 399-2022

Central Printing Services


Central Printing is a full-service print shop, right here in the district. Our purpose is to facilitate the printing projects any site or department may need:

Internal Audit


The Internal Audit Department helps ensure that the critical function of fiscal accountability is maintained and that procedures are complied with to protect district resources. Functions of this department include: