Substitute Office

Certificated and Classified Substitutes


Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  We trust you had a restful summer.  As we embark on our second year of implementing AESOP we wanted to be sure that we share a few reminders with you. 

The Frontline Aesop System is a web based system all communication is sent to your email account that is in the Frontline Aesop System profile. Job Cancelation Notices, Available Jobs, Frontline Username/PIN recovery and Announcements and any other communication from Frontline Aesop is sent to the e-mail you have on file in your Frontline Aesop profile. Please check your e-mail regularly for notifications regarding assignments. 


As a reminder to Certificated Substitutes, your work day is 15 minutes before class begins and 15 minutes after the dismissal/ time indicated on the AESOP/Frontline job announcement/notification. For example, if the AESOP/Frontline job announcement/notification says, the school schedule is 8:00-2:12; then you are expected to be there from 7:45-2:27. Please make note of this important adjustment of your work day. 


Additionally, a revised Form 12a is available for use.  As a friendly reminder, the form is due to the Substitute Services office no later than the 25th of the month the absence occurred. 

We trust your substituting experiences will be professionally fulfilling to you and educationally profitable to our students. We need strong substitutes who will take on the responsibility to ensure the educational process is not interrupted when the regular employee is absent.

 Wish you the very best for this school year and thank you again for your service. 

Bobbie Jo Argo, Personnel Technician – Substitute Services

Dr. Tiffany Smith-Simmons, Director Human Resource Services