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Student Hearing Placement
External Documents Student Hearing and Placement Department
Suspension Form
Sample Expulsion Packet
Sample Behavior Packet
Transcript Permission Form
Behavior Review Check List SHPD-F001
Behavior Intervention Checklist SHPD-F002
Intervention Checklist SHPD-F002
Behavior Review Request and Violation of Contract SHPD-F003
Teachers Progress Report SHPD-F004
Pre-Expulsion Checklist SHPD-F005
Request for Expulsion SHPD-F006
Critical Incident Memo SHPD-F007
Confidential Witness Statement (Print and Fill In) SHPD-F008
Confidential Witness Statement (Computer Enter) SHPD-F008
Summary of Corrective Efforts by School SHPD-F009
Closing Summary SHPD-F010
Attendance Letter Information Profile SHPD-F012
Capsule Review SHPD-F013
Family Partnership Spanish SHPD-F014
Family Partnership SHPD-F015
Flowchart SHPD-F017
Special Ed Form SHPD-F039
Tardy Letter SHPD-F041
Unattended Student SHPD-F045
Parent Contact SHPD-F046
Request to Appeal a Suspension SHPD-F067
School Uniform Exemption Form SHPD-F068
Tracking Sheet Form SHPD-F069
Behavior Review Procedure SHPD-P001
Violation of Behavior Contract Procedure SHPD-P002
Pre-Expulsion Procedure SHPD-P003
Re-Entry Procedure SHPD-P010
Request of Suspension Appeal Procedure SHPD-P012
School Uniform Exemption Procedure SHPD-P013
CUM Request Procedure SHPD-P014
Behavior Review Work Instruction SHPD-W001
Pre-Expulsion Work Instruction SHPD-W003
Expulsion Work Instruction SHPD-W004
Behavior Data Work Instruction SHPD-W007