Risk Management

Risk Management / Employee Benefits

5735 47th Ave. Box 840 Sacramento, CA 95824 

Phone: 916-643-9421 or Fax: 916-399-2071 or Message Us

Risk Management’s mission is to support a safe and welcoming environment for Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) staff, faculty, students, visitors and partners by promoting risk management.

Risk Management administers the insurance program at SCUSD. Questions about insurance coverage can be forwarded to Risk Management.

Risk is responsible for the management of any claim against the district INCLUDING Worker’s Compensation. Claims related to injuries to district employees while in the course and scope of their duties should be reported to their supervisor, site administrator, or designee as soon as possible. Employees will be instructed to contact the EIN (Early Intervention Nurse) immediately at 916-643-9299 to obtain further information and instructions.

COVID-19 Information

During this time, Risk & Disability Management continues to be dedicated to serving our students, staff, and community, while also focusing on the health and well-being of our own staff. Our department remains operational with modifications so that we remain compliant with Public Health orders.

Staff Contact Information

Keyshun Marshall – Director II
keyshun-marshall@scusd.edu or  916-752-3324

Scott Holton – Hazard Materials & Risk Compliance Lead Worker  Scott-Holton@scusd.edu or 916-752-3304

Martine Kruger – Risk Management Specialist
Krugerm@scusd.edu or 916-730-9597

Amber Pena – Risk Management/Employee Benefits Supervisor IV
Amber-pena@scusd.edu or (916) 643-7902

 Maria Colmenares – Employee Benefits Technician                 MariaCo@scusd.edu or (916) 643-7908

Alpha by Last Name:  A-L                                               Customer Counter Days:  Tues, Thurs, Fri

Nicole Macias – Employee Benefits Technician
Nicole-Macias@scusd.edu or 916-643-7906

Alpha by Last Name:  M-Z                                                 Customer Counter Days: Mon, Wed, Fri

Cathy Rasmusson – Wellness Coordinator

Risk Management – Riskm@scusd.edu

Employee Benefits – Benefits@scusd.edu

COVID-19 Training

COVID-19 Required Training for Employees by Schools Insurance Authority Powerpoint

COVID-19 PPE Request Form

COVID-19 Testing

Visit https://www.scusd.edu/covid-19-testing for COVID Testing information. 

Health Provider Flu Shot Information

Sutter Health Flu Shot Information

Kaiser Permanente Flu Shot Information

Health Net Flu Shot Information

Western Health Flu Shot Information

Wellness/Self Care

Your employee “Step Into Wellness” program provides support, resources, and opportunities to engage in healthy lifestyle activities. You are encouraged to access employee wellness online programs, videos, and telephonic resources available. Employee “Step Into Wellness” monthly activities and campaigns are posted here

Health Care Providers

Check out health care providers online health modules, nurse advice line, disease management programs, mail order prescriptions, video visits, email option(s), tobacco cessation programs, health education presentations, and additional resources. Your providers may also provide telephonic health coaching, virtual health education presentations, and/or wellness discounts.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides virtual and telephonic counseling. Work and life services: financial, legal, identity theft, health modules, and more.

Risk Management specializes in: