Accident Reporting


Employee Accident Report

All work related injuries must be reported directly to the supervisor, site administrator or designee as soon as possible. All incident/accidents in relation to employees require the incident report form (RSK-F103A) to be completed and sent to Risk Management, Safe Schools, and Legal.

All claims are to be reported to 916-643-9299 immediately. All non-work related injuries/illnesses that have an impact on an employee’s ability to do the essential functions of the job must be reported to the supervisor, site administrator or designee, and disability management.

Student / Visitor Accident Report

Whenever first aid is provided to a student, the Report of Incident or Student Accident Form (RSK-F103A) must be completed. If an accident or incident occurs involving a non-student or non-employee such as visitor or parent, the same form must be completed. This information is confidential and privileged and should not be provided to a parent or other person.

Automobile Accident Report 

Download Auto Accident Report Form