What You Need to Know to Register Your Student

Post Contact The Enrollment Center

Thank you for your interest in enrolling in one of our schools! This page was designed to help you navigate the enrollment process.

Note: if you need to contact the Enrollment Center about a specific issue, please email a staff member listed on their contact page

Enrollment Registration for Your Neighborhood School is Currently Available Online

The Enrollment Center is now offering two ways to register during the school closures. You can register online or drop-off applications, please make sure you submit all required documents to avoid delay.

If application was submitted to the Enrollment Center, a technician will contact you in the order it was received.

Register Online

The Enrollment Center is now offering online registration on their webpage. You will be required to submit supporting documents (see What You Need to Enroll below) when you fill out the webforms. 

Submit a Paper Copy Registration Packet

Our Enrollment Center self-serve lobby is open Monday through Friday; 8am-1pm. You can pick-up and drop-off an application. There is a drop box to submit the application.

Completed applications are picked up on Fridays to be processed. There is no face-to-face service available at this time.

Registration Packets

Early Kinder Registration Packet

  • Learn more about the program
  • Fill out the online form
  • Completed paper registration packets can be 1) dropped off in the secure box in the Enrollment Center lobby from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Parents must submit the paperwork in a sealed white envelope available in the lobby and write Early Kinder on the envelope with the date and time or 2) email the forms as an attachment to John Conway at john-conway@scusd.edu

K-12 Registration Packets

2020-2021 K-6th Grade Registration Packet

2020-2021 7-12th Grade Registration Packet

What You Need to Enroll

Please be advised that for the safety and security of all children, only the parent(s), legal guardian(s) or educational rights holder(s) may enroll a child into our district. The parent, legal guardian or educational rights holder who enrolls the child will be required to present photo identification

The following documents are required with this completed registration form to enroll your child in Sacramento City Unified School District. 

  1. Photo Identification-State Issued I.D., or other photo identification (Work Badge, Passport, Student I.D., Costco card)
  2. Address Verification-Name on I.D. must match name on bill issued within 30 days. Bring one (1) or other options listed under (Ed. Code 48204.1):
    1. Utility service contract, statement, or payment receipts
    2. Declaration of residency executed by the parent/guardian
    3. Property tax payment receipts
    4. Rental property contract, lease, or payment receipts
    5. Voter registration
    6. Correspondence from a government agency
    7. Pay stubs
  3. Proof of Birth – Local registrar or county issued birth certificate, duly attested baptism certificate, or a passport. When none of the foregoing is obtainable, the parent/guardian may provide any other appropriate means of proving the age of the child (Ed. Code 48002)
  4. Immunization Record – Current for Each Child (California Health and Safety Code, Sections 120325-120375)
  5. T-Dap Booster shot is required for grades 7th-12th. Both name and date of birth must be on the immunization record.
  6. Current Withdrawal Grades and Transcripts –Required for Grades 9th-12th 
  7. Individualized Education Plan (IEP) - Documentation for Receiving Special Education Services (if applicable)
  8. Guardianship/Custody Documents – (if applicable)

Has Your Address Changed?

Please submit the following documents with your online or drop-off application:

  1. Photo I.D. (types listed above) of parent/legal guardian or education rights holder.
  2. One (1) address verification listed above. NAME ON I.D. MUST MATCH NAME ON ADDRESS VERIFICATION. Must be current within 30 days of issued date.

No Address Verification in Your Name?

IMPORTANT- If you reside with someone and you are the parent/legal guardian or educational rights holder and DO NOT have an address verification in your name, you MUST BRING ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Declaration of Residency (DOR) completed & signed by you and the bill holder whose name is on the address verification.
  2. A copy of the Photo I.D. (types listed above) of the bill holder who’s correct same name is on the address verification.
  3. A copy or original of one (1) address verification listed above with the same name on the bill holder’s I.D.

NAME ON I.D. MUST MATCH NAME ON ADDRESS VERIFICATION. Must be current within 30 days of issued date.


If a Student is Homeless

Please contact the Enrollment and Attendance Center or the district’s Homeless Program Coordinator at 916-277-6892 for important enrollment information.

Homeless Student Rights & Responsibilities

Find your Neighborhood School

Visit the SCUSD Neighborhood School Locator Application to determine your child’s school of attendance based on school boundaries.

If you are interested in applying for enrollment to a different school in our district, you can apply through our Open Enrollment (K-8) or High School Specialty Program processes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the Enrollment Center Frequently Asked Questions During COVID-19 for more information.