Open Enrollment (K-8)

Open Enrollment Application for Grades K-8


Thank you for your interest in Sacramento City Unified School District’s Open Enrollment Application for Grades K-8. 

The application window is now closed to apply for a 2023-2024 Open Enrollment Program. The deadline to apply was 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

Log on to your SchoolMint Parent/Guardian Account to view status of your student’s application.

Step 1: Learn about the programs

Step 2: Apply online

Families who live within our district boundaries can apply through SchoolMint between February 1-15, 2023. Learn how to apply. 

Students who live outside our district boundaries can apply to schools in April 2023. Fill out our school interest form to receive updates and additional information about the spring permit process.

Out-of-district applicants who meet the program requirements will be accepted or go on the waiting list after qualified in-district applicants per California Education Code.

Step 3: Additional requirements

Only the following programs have additional requirements: 

Please visit each school’s website for more information on additional requirements. 

Step 4: Receive a notification communication & register

Notifications will be sent to families in late March 2023.  Families will receive the notification based on what preferences (email, text message or both) were selected when applying. Families can log into their SchoolMint account at anytime to see status of their student’s application(s).

If offered a placement into a school of choice, applicants will need to complete the process by accepting and then registering. Acceptance into a school of choice is considered a change in enrollment and requires additional verification. 

Applicants will be automatically dropped from the school of choice acceptance list, if they do not accept & register by the deadline.

Accept or Decline Placement

Parent/guardians that receive an offer of acceptance for their student need to log into SchoolMint to officially accept or decline the offer of placement. 


The Open Enrollment Acceptance Registration is only for applicants who receive an offer for placement at one of the schools of choice they applied to and have accepted the placement through SchoolMint.

Specific instructions on how to register will be included in the acceptance notification that is send after an offer is accepted via SchoolMint. 


Please contact Becky Petrie at with questions about your student’s application.