Permit Requests

Intra and Inter-District Permit Request Process for All Grade Levels


The application window to apply for a 2024-2025 Intra-District or Incoming Inter-District Permit is closed. It was open Monday, April 15, 2024 -  Friday, May 3, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. 

Learn about District Permits

Intra-District Permit Requests

Intra-District Permits are for families who currently live within the SCUSD boundaries to request a transfer to a school that is not their neighborhood school (school of residence). Visit our School Finder to find your neighborhood school. 

Permits are approved based on space availability at the requested school or specialty program.

Inter-District Permits Requests

Inter-District Permits are used to transfer in and out of the Sacramento City School District. Permits into SCUSD are approved based on space availability at the requested school or specialty program.

Download the Application for Inter-District Transfer Permit (ITP).

Change School From Outside the Sacramento City Unified School District to a School Within the District

If you would like to change schools from outside the district to a school within the Sacramento City Unified School District, you will need to:

  1. Request an Inter-district Transfer Permit (ITP) from your district of residence 
  2. Your district of residence must approve the ITP.
  3. Apply for an Inter-District Transfer Permit through SchoolMint and upload the approved ITP including supporting documentation to SchoolMint as part of your application. 
Request to Attend a School Outside the Sacramento City Unified School District

If you would like to change schools from your school of residence to a school outside the district, you will need to request an Inter-District Transfer Permit (ITP) from the Enrollment Center. 

  1. Complete the Application for Inter-District Transfer Permit (ITP)
  2. Then submit your completed application and supporting documents using this webform

Inter-District Permit Transfer Requests leaving Sacramento City Unified School District will be accepted at anytime using the webform above. 

Apply for an Intra-District or Incoming Inter-District Permit

Step 1: Learn about schools and specialty programs that participating

Not all district schools or specialty programs participate in the District Permit process. Some schools reach their grade level enrollment capacity prior to the District Permit time period.

Learn about the schools and specialty programs participating by grade level this year. 

Step 2: Apply for an Intra-District or Incoming Inter-District Permit

This year, families will apply for both intra-district and incoming inter-district permits through SchoolMint starting on Monday, April 15, 2024 at 8:00 a.m. – Friday, May 3, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

Once your parent/guardian account is created on SchoolMint, add your student(s) to the account.

Families applying for students currently attending a SCUSD school will select “Yes” indicating that their student is currently enrolled and then enter their Student ID number*, student’s first and last name, date of birth. This information allows SchoolMint to pull in existing information that is on file in Infinite Campus, SCUSD’s Student Information System. 

Families with a new student or a student that currently attends a non-SCUSD school will select “No” indicating that their student is not currently enrolled and manually add their student’s information to SchoolMint. This information will be verified before the application enters the lottery. 

Once families register, they can apply for a District Permit between April 15 – May 3 on the SchoolMint platform. All communications about district permits will be sent through SchoolMint either by email, text or both. 

*Student ID numbers can be found on your student’s report card and also by logging onto your Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Step 3: SCUSD parent/guardians must submit an Annual Update form

If your student is currently enrolled in SCUSD, you must also submit the Mid-Year Annual Update through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal by May 3, 2024.

View directions on how to complete an Annual Update form through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal to verify your address and contact information. 

If you do not have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account, request an activation key from your student’s current school office to create an account. Once you have an active Infinite Campus Parent Portal account, follow the steps to complete the Annual Update form.

Step 4: Additional requirements for specific specialty programs

Only the following programs have additional requirements: 

  • C.K. McClatchy VAPA Program - submit a portfolio or audition based on specialty. Instructions are included in submission notification. 
  • Camellia Basic (Grades 1-6 only) - take an assessment at the school and bring a copy of student’s latest report card (Grades 1-6) and standardized test results (Grades 4-6). The school will call you to let you know the date to bring your student for an assessment.  
  • Elder Creek Dual Immersion Program (Grades 1-6 only) - take an assessment at the school. The school will call you to let you know the date to bring your student for an assessment.  
  • Susan B. Anthony Hmong Immersion Program - fill out a survey administered by the school. Call the school at (916) 395-4710 to schedule.
  • West Campus High School - new students to the district must upload transcripts to the application. Incoming 9th grade applicants must submit 7th and first quarter 8th grade transcript, and incoming 11th and 12th grade applicants must submit their high school transcript. 
  • William Land Mandarin Dual Immersion Program - take a language screener at the school. Call the school at (916) 395-4890 to schedule

Step 5: Receive a notification communication & register

Notification will be sent to families through SchoolMint on May 20, 2024. Families will receive the notification based on what preferences (email, text message or both) were selected when registering.

New Students Must Complete Official Registration Form

If a district permit is approved and offered, new students to the district will need to complete a full registration form. Families will need to provide photo identification, address verification, proof of birth documentation, and immunization records.

A link to the registration form will be included in the offer notification sent. New students will be automatically dropped from the program acceptance list, if they do not register by their offer deadline.


Please contact Adriana Perez is at with questions about any permit request.