Permit Requests

Intra and Inter-District Transfer Permit Process for All Grade Levels


The application window to apply for a 2024-2025 Intra and Inter-District Transfer Permits will be April 15, 2024 – May 3, 2024. 

Information about the permit request process will be posted in early April 2024. 

Intra-District Permit Requests

Intra-District Permits are for families who currently live within the SCUSD boundaries to request a transfer to a school that is not their neighborhood school (school of residence). Visit our School Finder to find your neighborhood school. 

Permits are approved based on space availability at the requested school. If your student is on an Open Enrollment/High School Specialty Program waitlist for the requested school, the permit will be marked ineligible.

Inter-District Permits Transfer Requests

Inter-district permits are used to transfer in and out of the Sacramento City School District. Permit transfers are approved based on space availability at the requested school. 

Download the Application for Inter-District Transfer Permit (ITP).

Change School From Outside the Sacramento City Unified School District to a School Within the District

If you would like to change schools from outside the district to a school within the Sacramento City Unified School District, you will need to:

  1. Request an Inter-district Transfer Permit (ITP) from your district of residence 
  2. Your district of residence must approve the ITP.
  3. Apply for an Inter-District Transfer Permit through SchoolMint and upload the approved ITP including supporting documentation to SchoolMint as part of your application. 

Request to Attend a School Outside the Sacramento City Unified School District

If you would like to change schools from your school of residence to a school outside the district, you will need to request an Inter-District Transfer Permit (ITP) from the Enrollment Center. 

  1. Complete the Application for Inter-District Transfer Permit (ITP)
  2. Then submit your completed application and supporting documents using this webform

Inter-District Permit Transfer Requests leaving Sacramento City Unified School District will be accepted at anytime using the webform above. 


Please contact the Enrollment Center at (916) 643-2400 with questions about any permit request.