Titlesort icon Type Attachment
W2 Submission to SSA PAY-W092
W2 Replacements PAY-W101
Voice Mail & I-Mail Out of Office Set Up PAY-W105
Vendor Check Re-Issue Requests PAY-W049
Vendor Check Distribution PAY-W046
Vendor Address & Name Updates PAY-W047
UPE Union Dues Deductions PAY-W009
Unpaid Suspensions PAY-W033
United Way Deductions PAY-W014
Teamsters Union Dues Deductions PAY-W010
Tax Sheltered Annuity Refunds PAY-W035
Tax Record Set Up PAY-W004
Summer Bucket Pay Checks PAY-W025
Substitute Timesheets PAY-W003
Subpoena PAY-W114
STRS Reporting Errors PAY-W060
STRS Payroll Retirement Error Logs PAY-W061
STRS Monthly Report PAY-W064
STRS Membership Set-Up PAY-W117
STRS Membership PAY-W063
STRS - Service Credit PAY-W070
STRS - Retirement Questionnaire PAY-W069
STRS - Retirement Letter PAY-W068
STRS - Retirement Application PAY-W067
STRS - Refunds PAY-W066
STRS - Redeposit PAY-W065
STRS - Express Benefit PAY-W062
Standard Insurance Deduction Setup PAY-W116
Staff Development Docking Reimbursements PAY-W038
SEIU Union Dues Deductions PAY-W007
New Paycheck Format Guide (Spring 2018)
Customer Service Survey PAY-F014