Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence


Hello SCUSD Employees,

If you would like to take a leave of absence from the District, there are many available leaves in accordance with your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Please review your CBA for specific details regarding what types of leaves of absence you are eligible to take either short-term or long-term leave.  

The primary form to complete is the Request for Leave of Absence Form (PSL-F004) which is listed below. However, if you would like to take FMLA leave, there are two types available, which are for a serious illness for yourself, baby-bonding, or taking care of a seriously ill qualifying family member.

For your reference, you may also submit the request for leave of absence via InformedK12 and the link to the forms are below.

For leave of absence related questions, please reach out to Regina Collins, Classification and Compensation Specialist, at 916-643-7473 or Regina-Collins@scusd.edu 

Links to the InformedK12 Forms:

PSL-F004 Leave of Absence Request

PSL-F007a FMLA/CFRA – Health of Employee

PSL-F007b FMLA/CFRA – Health for a Family Member (including Baby Bonding)

PSL-F095 Return From Leave of Absence

PSL1 COVID 19 Leave Request Form

Hard-copy forms are below: