Maternity & Baby Bonding Leave


Congratulations on your upcoming new family member! What an exciting time! Enclosed are some details on Maternity Leave, Baby Bonding and Compensation.  

EMAIL REQUESTS TO (or submit to Human Resource Services, 5735 47th Avenue, BOX 770, Sacramento, CA 95824.)

MATERNITY LEAVE  ~ Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL)

In preparation for maternity time off, you will need to do the following:

Doctor’s Note (Medical Statement) and Leave of Absence Form PSL-F004:

Submit a note from your doctor to your site supervisor that identifies the expected due date, the recommended dates you will be out before your expected delivery date, and if the delivery is expected to be a regular delivery or a cesarean delivery.  Typically, your doctor will recommend 6 consecutive weeks off after a regular delivery and 8 consecutive weeks off after a cesarean delivery. 

If your doctor recommends that you need to take an extended amount of time off prior to your delivery that causes your maternity time off to be longer than 3 months you will need to submit a Request for Leave of Absence form (PSL-F004) and EMAIL TO (or submit to Human Resource Services, 5735 47th Avenue, BOX 770, Sacramento, CA 95824.)

After Your Baby is Born:

Human Resources: Provide Human Resources a Temporary Birth Certificate and a doctor’s note to support and document the type of delivery.

Employee Compensation Services (Payroll & Benefits): Contact Benefits and provide the Birth Certificate (or Temporary Birth Certificate) within 30 days to sign up for health benefits for your newborn. 

Benefits Contact Info:

Team 1, Sheena Milton Wilson, Employee Benefits Technician, (916) 643-7908,

Team 2, Billie Johnson, Employee Benefits Technician, (916) 643-7906,

Team 3, Phillis Fogg, Employee Benefits Technician, (916) 643-7907,

If your maternity time off required you to be on a leave of absence you will need to submit a Return from Leave of Absence form (PSL-F095) with a note from your doctor releasing you to return to return to work within 30 days of your return to work date. 

Links to the Forms:

Leave of Absence Request Checklist

PSL-F004 Leave of Absence Request

PSL-F094 Return From Leave of Absence


The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) allow eligible employees to take additional time off from work for baby-bonding.  This leave of absence is for up to 12 weeks or 60 work days, whichever comes first, after your maternity time off/leave of absence ends.  (Consult your collective bargaining agreement to determine if this is a paid leave of absence or not.) 

Please complete and submit the Application for Family and Medical Leave, Family Member’s Serious Health Condition Form (PSL –F007B) to Human Resources. 

EMAIL TO (or submit to Human Resource Services, 5735 47th Avenue, BOX 770, Sacramento, CA 95824.) 

(Include a copy of the birth certificate with your application if you have not provided it to HR previously.)  If you are not eligible for a FMLA/CFRA Baby-Bonding Leave there are other leaves outlined in your collective bargaining agreement that may apply to your situation, such as Parental Leave.  If both parents are employed by the District the 12 weeks or 60 days is shared by the parents.

Links to the Forms:

PSL-F007B Application for Family Member’s Serious Health Condition (includes Baby Bonding)


Sick Leave Hours and Disability Insurance Pay

Maternity time off or a leave of absence for maternity is paid time off using your sick leave hours. If you exhaust your sick leave hours during your maternity time off/leave of absence you will receive:

Certificated Employee: Partial pay based on your daily rate less the substitute rate for the remainder of your maternity time off/leave (“differential pay rate”) up to 100 days per occurrence.

Classified Employee: Half of your daily-rate of pay for the remainder of your maternity time off/leave of absence up to 100 days per year.  (Consult your collective bargaining agreement for details).


If you have Disability Insurance, please contact the Risk and Disability Management Department regarding disability eligibility and questions.

Risk Management Contact Info:

Keyshawn Marshall, Coordinator, (916) 643-7901,

Martine Kruger, Risk Management Specialist, (916) 643-9421,

Amber Pena, Disability Management Specialist (916) 643-7895,

Please be advised the information provided above is general leave information specific to maternity time off.  For additional information on Leaves for Represented Employees, please refer to your Collective Bargaining Agreement.

If you have additional questions, please or Contact Clarissa Ramirez, Classification and Compensation Specialist at or Direct 916-643-7473.