Professional Library

Professional Library

The Professional Library is OPEN! Teachers can come by Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-5:00 p.m.

The Professional Library at the Serna Center has just what you need! The contemporary collection includes over 25,000 titles and books aligned to California and SCUSD adopted curriculum.

Teachers can check out up to 30 books for 30 days.

You can search the entire collection from your school or home.

  • Search for a specific title or author
  • Search for titles in content areas
  • Create and print a list of books you want
  • Request a subject/interest area and have the District Librarian put together a collection for you.
  • To request library books to be mailed directly to you, please email requests to:
  • Books can be returned to the Professional Library via interoffice mail at Box 726.

For assistance during open hours, please call (916) 643-7447 or contact LTS at (916)395-5640.

Sacramento High School Yearbooks from 1910-2003 now available for viewing

How to find books

  1. Go to DESTINY and then choose the PROFESSIONAL LIBRARY site.
  2. Click on SEARCH THE LIBRARY CATALOG. (You do not need to Login).
  3. You can do a search by topic, author, or title. For example, type Roald Dahl in the FIND window and click the AUTHOR button. You will see a list of books written by Dahl.
  4. At the far right of each title, you can see if the book is available. Make a list of the books you want by clicking ADD TO THIS LIST to the right of each title.
  5. When you have finished selecting, go back to the top of the page and select RESOURCE LISTS on the left side. Under MY LIST, click VIEW. You can now review your list and remove any titles. Then click PRINTABLE at the top of the page. Then print the list. VOILA! You now have a list of books to request.
  6. OR- you can request a number of books on any topic or theme and Library Staff will gladly search for them for you.

How to order books

  1. Email your LIST or REQUESTS to Professional Library Staff and please include your NAME, TEACHER ID NUMBER, GRADE and SCHOOL.
  2. The materials will be packed for ship-out and then sent to your site on your next delivery day. The library is not open full-time and district deliveries are no longer scheduled every day, so you need to plan ahead for ordering materials. You may also pick up the materials in the library.

Returning books

When you are ready to return the books to the Professional Library, you can put them in District Mailers (addressed to BOX 726 Professional Library) or pack them in a box, place the envelope or box in your designated Warehouse pick-up location. Check with your office manager if you are not sure of the correct location. The materials will be picked up by your Warehouse driver and returned to the Professional Library. Contact Library/Textbook Services at 395-5640 or the Professional Library 643-7447 for answers to any questions.