Classified Professional Learning

All SCUSD classified employees are invited to participate.

This professional growth program is designed to provide incentives for classified employees to enhance and/or update their performance and knowledge through continuing education. To strengthen themselves so we can support our district and community by being brilliant.

  • SAVE THE DATES!  We look forward to sharing a wealth of knowledge with everyone.
  • Shared Reasons to Make Professional Development a Priority: Career Learning Opportunities; Keeping Up with Current Trends; It’s Fun; There’s Money In It; Growth; Leadership; Discovery; Expertise; Informative; Inspirational; Learning; Networking; Educational; Include on Resume or at Interviews; Support Staff, Students and Colleagues
  • Attendees interested in Professional Growth “salary credit” will be required to SIGN IN for attendance verification. If you are over 10 minutes late you will not be eligible for credit.

Review the Classified Professional Development Catalog for all the details!


Classified Professional Growth Form

PDFWord Document

Titlesort icon Type Attachment
2018 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate EDD State Tax Form
2018 W-4 Federal Tax Form
Absence Reporting RSK-P205
Accident Form - Student Seating TRA-F042
Accident Report Driver's Log Sheet TRA-F043
Accounting Facilities Procedures MOP-P012
Acknowledgment of Notice of Release From Administrative Position for Failing to Provide Notice of Return From Visiting Educator Program PSL-F194
Actuarial Review of Self-Insured Workers Compensation Program RSK-P200
ADA Accommodation Process RSK-P204
ADA Employee Request Form RSK-F204A
ADA Medical Release RSK-F204B
ADA Physician Information RSK-F204C
Administrator Evaluation of Employee District Training PSL-F217
Administrator Referral for District Training PSL-F215
Administrator Request for a New or Revised Position Description PSL-F212
Adult Teacher Hourly Salary Card PSL-F186
Adult Teacher Per Session Salary Card PSL-F187
Advance Pay for Certificated Employees PAY-W026
AESD-1 Form Work Instructions PSL-W002
After School Snack Count and Delivery Receipt NSD-F006
Airline & Car Rental Reservation PUR-P007
Annual Continuing Disclosure ACC-P050
Annual Employee Notifications PAY-W095
Annual Employee Notifications Acknowledgement PSL-F244
AP Processing Invoices for Payment ACC-P023
AP Vendor Warrant Audit ACC-W023
AP Warrant Cancellation ACC-W042
Applicant Reference Check: Certificated PSL-F083
Applicant Reference Check: Classified and Management PSL-F082
Application for After School Snack Program NSD-F025
Application for Family Medical Leave for Employee's Serious Health Condition PSL-F007A
Application for Family Medical Leave for Family Member's Serious Health Condition PSL-F007B
Application Screening Card PSL-F204
Architect Agreements CON-P005
ASB Deposit Summary ACC-F019
Asbestos Control Asbestos Consideration for Planning MOP-P005
Asbestos Control In-House Abatement Activities MOP-P003
Asbestos Control: Oversight of Abatement Sub Contractors MOP-P004
Asbestos Inspection MOP-P006
Assigning and Preparing for Testing (QWIZ Skill Testing Scores) PSL-W004
Assigning Buses to Routes TRA-P026
Assignments With SCUSD PSL-F028
Associated Student Body Financial Review IAD-P002
Athletic Coach Packet PSL-F176
Attend Compliance Audits IAD-P001
Attendance Letter Information Profile SHPD-F012
Authorization for Electronic Money Transfer (Direct Deposit) PSL-F086
Authorization for Fingerprinting and Rolling Fee Deduction PSL-F051
Authorization for Voluntary Payroll Deduction
Authorization of Sick Leave (100 Day Differential) PSL-F062