Titlesort icon Type Attachment
Classified Interview Team Report and Recommendation PSL-F081
Classified Layoff PSL-P006B
Classified Layoffs PSL-F226
Classified Management Employee Terms of Employment: New Hires and Promotions PSL-F041
Classified Non-Bargaining Unit Employee Terms of Employment: New Hires and Promotions PSL-F043
Classified Open Positions-Increased FTE PSL-F227
Classified Professional Growth PSL-P011
Classified Professional Growth PSL-W021
Classified Professional Growth Change Form PSL-F182
Classified Recruitment Faire PSL-P008A
Classified Substitute Evaluation PSL-F101
Classified Summary Rating Sheet PSL-F080
Classified Transcript/Longevity Evaluation Worksheet PSL-F024
Clerical Testing PSL-P061
Complaint Form
Completing Vacancy Requisition PSL-W020
Compute Adult Teaching Hours for Teachers Renewing Adult Ed Credentials PSL-P084
Confidential Employee Donation Form for Catastrophic Leave PSL-F224
Contract for Employment as a Certificated Employee 8x11 PSL-F046
Credential Application Process PSL-P081
Credential Application Process PSL-W008
Credential Data Entry PSL-W032
Credential-NCLB Paperwork Order PSL-F237
CRS ISO Master Sub Pay On Line Tutorials for ASF for Employees and Substitutes PSL-P095
CRS ISO Master Sub Pay Procedure PSL-P094
CRS ISO Sub Pay - CC-Sites Flips for Partial Day PSL-W060
CRS ISO Sub Pay - Day to Day Sub Teacher On Ext Assign Sub Report PSL-W053
CRS ISO Sub Pay - Escape Export Reviewed by Substitute Office PSL-W054
CRS ISO Sub Pay - M2 Substitute Certificated and M3 Substitute Classified PSL-W061
CRS ISO Sub Pay - No Show Jobs PSL-W055
CRS ISO Sub Pay - NTE 8 Hour Report PSL-W056
CRS ISO Sub Pay - Substitute Custodians 1st vs 2nd Shift PSL-W057
CRS ISO Sub Pay - Verification Lock Monthly Procedure PSL-W058
CRS ISO Sub Pay - Verified and Unverified Substitute Jobs PSL-W059
CSA Catastrophic Leave Request PSL-F232
CSA Donation Form for Catastrophic Leave PSL-F233
CSET Preparatory Session - Test Registration for HR Approval PSL-F214
Daily Rate for Day-to-Day Substitute Teacher on Extended Assignment PSL-F239
Department of Justice Volunteer Sex Offender Clearance PSL-P086
Documentation of Classified Evaluation Process (Pre-Evaluation Conference) PSL-F274
Documentation of Teacher Evaluation Process PSL-F106A
DOJ Volunteer Sex Offender Clearances PSL-W047
Early Retirement Incentive Plan and Agreement-Certificated PSL-F076
Elementary School Enrollment Classification Report PSL-F205
Employee Absence Report PSL-F012
Employee Notification of District Training PSL-F216
Employee Tuberculin Testing Questionnaire PSL-F011
Employment Processing Packet: Benefits PSL-F180
Employment Processing Packet: New Employee PSL-F177
Employment Processing Packet: Standard PSL-F178