Sustainable Schools

SCUSD Sustainable Schools Program


The Sustainable Schools Program not only addresses resource conservation and building construction but it also dives deep into the culture of our District. The Sustainable Schools Program focuses on behavior and school systems by providing our staff with tailored materials and methods that create more hands-on learning and leadership opportunities for our students. Through this program students have an improved understanding of the world around them and will be better equipped to succeed in a career or higher education institution after graduation.

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School Participation
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The Sustainable Schools program is a badge collection program that allows schools to complete actions that help promote a culture of environmental stewardship on their campus while aligning with District sustainability goals. Schools are able to choose topics of interest for their individual school and participate in the program at their own pace.


Environmental Curriculum
Environmental Education in the Classroom

EcoRise Sustainable Intelligence Curriculum

Sustainable Intelligence is an engaging, ready-to-use, K–12 curriculum that guides students in building a foundation of environmental literacy and sustainability knowledge across seven eco-themes. Lessons introduce students to the challenges and opportunities surrounding sustainability and invite them to develop real-world solutions. Activities cultivate such 21st-century skills as creative problem solving, collaboration, and systems thinking while fostering leadership, empathy, and mindfulness.