Maintenance & Forms


Maintenance is responsible for:

  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Grounds Maintenance

Operations is responsible for: 

  • Operations/Custodial 
  • Facilities Security
Titlesort icon Type Attachment
Accounting Facilities Procedures MOP-P012
Asbestos Control Asbestos Consideration for Planning MOP-P005
Asbestos Control In-House Abatement Activities MOP-P003
Asbestos Control: Oversight of Abatement Sub Contractors MOP-P004
Asbestos Inspection MOP-P006
Blanket Order Facilities / Maintenance MOP-W004
Calibration Backflow Tester Equipment MOP-P007
Capital Improvements and Charge Costs, Facilities / Maintenance MOP-P001
Custodial Services Summer Cleanup MOP-W005
Custodial Services Summer Cleanup Checklist (computer enter) MOP-F003
Electronics Department MOP-W006
Facilities Maintenance Department Calibration of Underground Pipe Location Equipment MOP-P010
Facilities Maintenance External Document List
Flow Chart General Maintenance Work Orders MOP-P001B
Maintenance Job Estimate Form MOP-F005
Name Plaque Request Form MOP-F009
Request For Badge Access Level (Computer Enter) MOP-F008
Routine and Emergency Work Orders MOP-P013
Serna Center Community Room Audio Visual Requests (Computer Enter) MOP-F012
Special Project Form (computer enter) FSS-001
Special Project Request Procedure FSS-005
Trade Shop Weekly Labor Report MOP-W003
Trade Shop Work Order Procedure MOP-P002
Utility Bills, Facilities Operations / Energy MOP-W007
Vehicle Repair Work Order (computer enter) MOP-F004
Work Order / Estimate Request Form FSS-003