C.K. McClatchy Law and Public Policy Academy (LPPA)
Grades 9-12

School Program

Program Information

CKM is honored to host SCUSD’s magnet program, the Law and Public Policy Academy (LPPA). The LPPA will provide students with a means to explore the broad range of careers within the field of law. Their courses at CKM will be taught through the lens of the legal system.

Program Requirements for LPPA students:

  • Required to research actual court cases/current events and present finding (public speaking) to a panel of judge(s).
  • Require giving frequent presentations (court cases or current event) in front of the class.
  • Required to wear a uniform blazer provided by the academy (professional dress day) once a week.
  • Required to maintain a 2.0 GPA.
  • Required to complete 20 hours a school year of community service.
  • Required to participate in actual Mock Court Trials and Moot Court Case competition amongst other schools’ districts at the state and/or federal courthouse. 

Apply Online

Students who live within the SCUSD boundaries can submit an online application October 30 - November 17, 2023. Students who live outside the SCUSD boundaries can apply through the permit process April 15 - May 3, 2024.