Titlesort icon Type Attachment
Verifying Applicants Identification (QWIZ Skill Testing Scores) PSL-W003
Verify Eligibility for Vacancy Postings PSL-W046
Verification of Employment PSL-W038
Vacancy Requisitions / Status Change PSL-W028
Vacancy Requisitions / Short and Long-Term Temporary PSL-W029
Vacancy Requisitions / New and Reemployed PSL-W026
Vacancy Requisition / Reassign / Transfer PSL-W027
Vacancy Requisition / Early Retirement Incentive PSL-W025
UPS / FedEx Pick-Ups PSL-W044
Termination Process PSL-W024
Telephone Procedures PSL-W036
Sick Leave Hours Transferring Into/Out of District PSL-W023
Security and Emergency Situations PSL-W043
Screening Classified Applicants PSL-W049
Retrieving Test Scores (QWIZ Skill Testing Scores) PSL-W005
Retirement Record for CALSTRS PSL-W052
Retirement Record for CALPERS PSL-W051
Requisitions for Per Diem Personnel - Classified Stipends PSL-W015
Requisitions for Per Diem Personnel - Classified PSL-W016
Requisition for Per Diem Personnel - Certificated Stipends PSL-W014
Requisition for Per Diem Personnel - Certificated Per Session PSL-W013
Requisition for Per Diem Personnel - Certificated Other PSL-W012
Request for Leave of Absence PSL-W010
Recording Applicant QWIZ Skill Testing Scores PSL-W006
Processing Volunteers PSL-W040
Processing New Per Diem Employees PSL-W035
Processing Classified Employees PSL-W033
Processing Certificated Employees PSL-W034
Posting for Classified and Certificated Notice of Vacancies PSL-W048
Personnel Files Access - Warehouse PSL-W018
Personnel Files Access - BMI PSL-W017
Per Diem Requisition - Certificated Adult Education PSL-W011
Notice of Vacancy Posting PSL-W031
Iron Mountain File Retrieval PSL-W007
HRA Position Requisition Process Quick Guide
HRA Approvers Quick Guide
Front Desk Monitoring PSL-W042
Fingerprinting PSL-W041
Filing of Personnel Payroll Forms PSL-W039
Entering Evaluations PSL-W050
DOJ Volunteer Sex Offender Clearances PSL-W047
Documentation of Classified Evaluation Process (Pre-Evaluation Conference) PSL-F274
CRS ISO Sub Pay - Verified and Unverified Substitute Jobs PSL-W059
CRS ISO Sub Pay - Verification Lock Monthly Procedure PSL-W058
CRS ISO Sub Pay - Substitute Custodians 1st vs 2nd Shift PSL-W057
CRS ISO Sub Pay - NTE 8 Hour Report PSL-W056
CRS ISO Sub Pay - No Show Jobs PSL-W055
CRS ISO Sub Pay - M2 Substitute Certificated and M3 Substitute Classified PSL-W061
CRS ISO Sub Pay - Escape Export Reviewed by Substitute Office PSL-W054
CRS ISO Sub Pay - Day to Day Sub Teacher On Ext Assign Sub Report PSL-W053