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CRS ISO Master Sub Pay On Line Tutorials for ASF for Employees and Substitutes PSL-P095
CRS ISO Master Sub Pay Procedure PSL-P094
Training Procedure PSL-P093
Retirement Record for CALSTRS PSL-P092
Retirement Record for CALPERS PSL-P091
Personnel EDD Procedure PSL-P090
New Employee Orientation PSL-P089
Department of Justice Volunteer Sex Offender Clearance PSL-P086
Verify Eligibility for Vacancy Postings PSL-P085
Compute Adult Teaching Hours for Teachers Renewing Adult Ed Credentials PSL-P084
Quarterly Credential Expiration Report PSL-P083
Mo Co Ed Retire Monitor Audit PSL-P082
Credential Application Process PSL-P081
Purchasing Personnel Supplies-Reqs PSL-P075
Management of Personnel Budget PSL-P063
Clerical Testing PSL-P061
Sick Leave Hours Transferring Into/Out of District PSL-P057
Leave Request PSL-P054
Personnel Front Desk PSL-P041
Personnel Files Access PSL-P038
Procedure Title Vacancy Requisitions PSL-P025
Per Diem Requisition PSL-P024
Classified Professional Growth PSL-P011
Classified Bargaining Unit Hiring Process PSL-P010
Certificated Hiring Process PSL-P009
Certificated Recruitment Faire PSL-P008B
Classified Recruitment Faire PSL-P008A
Classified Layoff PSL-P006B
Certificated Surplus Placement PSL-P006A
Calendars PSL-P005
Sign In Sheet PSL-P001