Bond Oversight Committee (BOC)

Bond Oversight Committee
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The Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) oversees the expenditure of money for the construction, repair, and modernization of schools by SCUSD. The BOC communicates its finding to the Board and the public in order to ensure that school bond funds are invested as the voters intended and that projects are completed wisely and efficiently.

To guarantee this, the committee works with an independent auditor and conducts research, surveys and site visits at the district and school site level. The BOC typically meets four times a year in its role as an advisory board to the school district trustees. During the meetings, the committee will listen to reports from staff and consultants, summarize the status of projects in progress. At some point during the year, a financial audit and a performance audit will be presented for the committee’s review. Also once a year, the BOC Chair will make a year-end report to the Board of Trustees.

The members of the SCUSD Bond Oversight Committee were approved by the Board of Education on March 21, 2013.  Prior to approval, President Jeff Cuneo and Vice President Patrick Kennedy reviewed the individual applications.  The review process took into account the skills and abilities of each applicant, the composition of the committee and the goals of the newly approved bond measures.  The objective was to establish a committee with persons who could work cooperatively and were committed to putting children first.  No single recommendation or source of information was sufficient to be selected.  After careful consideration of all applications, a list of names was submitted to the entire Board of Education.  All relevant law was followed and each member selected was eligible to serve.

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