FAQs about Measures Q&R
SCUSD 2012 School Bond


1. What are Measures Q&R?

Measures Q & R are local school bond measures to upgrade and renovate local school facilities.

2. Why Are Measures Q&R needed?

While there have been considerable improvements in the quality of our local schools over the past few years, the fact remains that many of our neighborhood schools are old with classrooms that are inadequate and outdated. The average age of our local schools is 50 years. Schools built years ago need significant updating. This measure is necessary to maintaining the quality of our local schools.

3. How will Q&R funds be used to benefit local students?

Measure Q will better prepare local students for college and careers by:

  • Upgrading classrooms, science labs, computer systems and technology; and
  • Renovating heating and ventilation systems, reducing costs through energy efficiency; and
  • Improving student safety and security systems, including updating lighting; and communications systems, fencing, gates and classroom door locks; and
  • Repair roofs, floors, walkways, bathrooms, electrical, plumbing and sewer systems.

Measure R will improve the health and safety of children by:

  • Repairing playgrounds, playfields and equipment to meet modern safety standards;
  • Renovating, rehabilitating or replacing bleachers, athletic fields and add landscaping, including trees for shading;
  • Repairing and upgrading drinking fountains and leaky fixtures, irrigation and storm water drainage systems to reduce water consumption;
  • Removing asbestos, lead paint and other unsafe conditions to improve students safety; and
  • Upgrading kitchen facilities to improve nutrition and nutritional education for children.

4. How will my neighborhood school benefit?

The school district has conducted a comprehensive needs assessment—school-by-school. School assessments have been conducted for each school—in every neighborhood of the community. Every SCUSD School will receive upgrades from funds authorized by Measures Q&R.   The Measure Q&R Project Lists are available on the Sacramento City Unified School District website, in the school office of each SCUSD School, in the voter pamphlet distributed by the County Registrar of voters or by calling the Sacramento City Unified School District at (916) 643-7400.

5. What will happen if the bond doesn’t pass?

While well maintained, Sacramento City USD schools continue to age and will require repairs if no additional funding comes in. Delaying facility improvements will increase future costs. Without the funding from Measures Q&R, the district will not be able to renovate schools or obtain state matching funds which will go to other districts.

6. What about using state funds?

The District has already maximized the limited state funds currently available to school districts.  The bond will actually help the District to qualify for additional state and other matching funds as they become available.

7. How will the bond benefit those that don’t have children in schools?

Quality schools mean quality neighborhoods.  Well-educated youth make better neighbors and employees.   Because the resale value of homes in our community is directly affected by the quality of our schools, good schools help increase property values. Each new school is a community resource center.

8. How much will the bond cost?

The total cost of Measures Q and R is less than $7 a month for the average homeowner.  The entire cost is tax deductible. Every penny from Measures Q and R will stay in our community and cannot be taken away by the State.

9. How can we be sure that Measures Q&R money will be spent properly?

All money raised by Measures Q&R will stay in our community to support local children. It cannot be taken away for the State or used for other purposes. No money can be spent on school administrator salaries.  An independent citizens’ oversight committee will monitor expenditures and ensure all funds are spent properly.

10. Who will be on the oversight committee?

The oversight committee will be selected after the bond passes.  Parents, teachers, business leaders, senior citizens and community groups will all be represented.  Anyone interested in serving on the committee is invited to advise the Board through the superintendent.

11. Can’t the District find the resources it needs by cutting administration and waste?

The school district has already cut administration to the minimum required to keep students safe, deliver a basic education, and operate the District in an efficient manner. Over the past 4 years, the District has absorbed significant cuts from the state in school funding. The types of repairs and need for renovation go far beyond the scope and means of regular school budgets.