Chinua Rhodes
2nd Vice President, Board of Education, Area 5

Board Member 12/20 - 12/24

Hi, I’m Chinua Rhodes. I’m a Father of 5, a Community Organizer, and your Trustee. I grew up right here in South Sacramento, and I’m a product of Sac City Schools. While in high school, my father, who organized for Pico California, showed me that collective effort for change is possible and that everyday working people are the key to the city’s success and well-being. These lessons led me to coordinate programs and grants supporting thousands of Sacramento youth and families and organizing around housing and youth justice initiatives. 

While working directly with families and communities, I saw how lack of stability, living wage jobs, and housing directly impacted young people’s educational success. That is why I believe that schools can not impact the whole child without impacting the entire community. I am hopeful and energized. The years ahead will be defining for our district. I am certain Area 5 can be a beacon of innovation and progress. South Side Pride !