Board of Education Members

Board of Education Members


The SCUSD Board of Education has eight members, seven of whom are elected by trustee area and serve 4-year terms. An eighth member is the student member who has an advisory vote. The student member is selected from the high school Student Advisory Committee and serves for one year. The Superintendent is the ex-officio Secretary to the Board.

Contact the Board Office at (916) 643-9314 or via the BOE webform.

Board Member 12/18 - 12/22

Lisa Murawski
1st Vice President, Board of Education, Area 1

Lisa Murawski is a mom, a proud product of public schools, and a fiscal and policy adviser to legislative leaders in the state Capitol.  She feels profound gratitude for the doors public education opened for her, and believes doors of opportunity should be open wide to every child— no matter who they are or where they come from.     

Board Member 12/10 - 12/22

Darrel Woo
2nd Vice President, Board of Education, Area 6

Trustee Darrel Woo is serving in his second four year term.  As the son of a Chinese immigrant, Trustee Woo learned early the importance of education as a means to succeed in America.  From birth, the importance of a college education was not only instilled in him, but his parents served as examples of the quality of life that a college education can bring.  The education that Trustee Woo earned, all the way through the University of California at Berkeley, was public.

Board Member 12/18 - 12/22
Leticia Garcia

Leticia Garcia
Board of Education Member, Area 2

Leticia is the proud mom of twin girls, an advocate for public education, and an active member in her community.

She grew up in Santa Ana, CA and is the daughter of a construction worker, and a farmworker.  The eldest of eight children, Leticia was the first in her family to attend college.  Her parents instilled in her not only the importance of education, but also the need to give back to her community. 

Board Member 7/20-6/21

Isa Sheikh
Student Board Member

Isa Sheikh is a senior at The Met Sacramento High School. Isa was born in San Francisco, CA as the son of Indian immigrants. Watching his working class family labor tirelessly, he was always taught that education was absolutely vital, ultimately informing his interest in education policy.

As a member of one of the many families who come to Sacramento as a better place to raise their children, he is deeply committed to the community including the thousands of his peers that face so many challenges daily in this district.