Student Advisory Council (SAC)

Student Advisory Council (SAC)


The SAC serves as the main representative body of students to work in partnership with Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) administration and the SCUSD Board of Education to collaborate on school site and district-wide policy and strengthen the student voice.  The support of our district Board Members and Superintendent has made this process a comprehensive part of the SCUSD culture.  The combination of administrators and students innovatively working together to achieve academic excellence is helping to provide the highest quality of governance and success in our schools.

The SAC is comprised of students from each participating high school Youth Congress or student leadership class.  Youth Congress is designed to meet on a regular basis (determined by each high school) to discuss site policy or school topics.  These meetings and discussions are brought forward to the monthly SAC Meetings.  The SAC meetings are a forum for the student voice related to student concerns, school site and district wide policy.  The SAC is supported by the Superintendent and overseen by the Assistant Superintendent of Community, Health and Student Support Services.  Through this support the SAC has the power to:

  • Participate and contribute input on initiatives;
  • Coordinate high school activities in addressing district matters;
  • Represent high school students as a liaison to the Superintendent, district committees, and the Board of Education;

SCUSD is proud to work closely with our student body comprised of approximately 48,000 students to champion and institutionalize the youth voice in district and school site-level decision-making and problem-solving processes.