School of Engineering and Science
Grades 7-12

School Program

Program Information

The School of Engineering and Sciences provides open access to a rigorous academic and technical course sequence. We insist on high levels of learning for all students with the ultimate goal of increasing the diversity of the science and engineering workforce living and working in Sacramento.

To accomplish our mission we invest in the following school pillars:

Academic Core: STEM curriculum is organically integrated into all content areas through hands-on, problem-based learning. All students take an UC approved a-g course sequence that prepares them to enter the post-secondary option of their choosing.

Technical Core: By powerfully preparing students for study and careers in engineering and science industries, SES helps to create the highly skilled problem-solvers needed by Sacramento’s growing manufacturing and technology companies.

Work-Based Learning: SES will provide scaffolded and sequenced work based learning experiences for all students such as guest speakers, job shadows, and internships.

Student Support Services: We have put systems in place to support students’ academic, social and emotional needs. The SES community supports students in developing exceptional study skills, setting graduation goals, and planning for college and career. Students emerge from SES as highly functioning citizens, prepared to contribute to the global community.

Download the SES Profile to learn more specifics about this program.

Application Requirements

  1. Grades 7-8: Apply through Open Enrollment (Feb. 2020)
  2. Grades 9-12: Please fill out a Specialty Program Application to enroll into this program (available 11/18/19-12/19/19).