Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions
Grades 9-12

School Program

Program Information

Health Professions High School (HPHS) is a small, college prep, career themed high school that prepares students for college and career as well as provided students with numerous opportunities working within the healthcare industry. HPHS is a positive and safe campus where students can take college classes, earn industry certificates in CPR and Mental Health First Aid and participate in health related internship programs. 

Download the Health Professions Profile to learn more specifics about the program.

Health Professions Student Outcomes

  • We are honored to have 8 Educators of the Year!
  • We have 93% of our students attending college/military with 87% being accepted to 4 year schools and 54% of those students pursing degrees in the medical field!


Please fill out a Specialty Program Application to enroll into this program (available 11/18/19-12/19/19).