Titlesort icon Type Attachment
Account Clerk I SEIU
Account Clerk II SEIU
Accountant SEIU
Accounting Specialist SEIU
Accounting Technician SEIU
Administrative Assistant (Education-Instructional Services) CONF
Administrative Assistant (Education-Special Education) CONF
Administrative Assistant to the Chief Business Officer CONF
Administrative Assistant-Facility Support Services CONF
Administrative Assistant-HR CONF
Administrative Assistant-SUP CONF
Administrative Secretary I SEIU
Administrative Secretary II SEIU
Administrator, Teaching and Learning UPE
Admissions and Family Services Technician SEIU
Adult Education Account Clerk SEIU
Adult Education Accounting Technician SEIU
Adult Education Customer Relations Clerk SEIU
Adult Education Data Information Technician SEIU
Adult Education Program Technician SEIU
Adult Education Specialist SEIU
Adult Education Testing Proctor SEIU
Applications Specialist I or II SEIU
Applications Specialist III SEIU
Assessment Technician SEIU
Assessor Translator, Matriculation and Orientation Center SEIU
Assistant Director, Nutrition Services NRM
Assistant In-House Legal Counsel NRM
Assistant Principal, Elementary School UPE
Assistant Principal, High School UPE
Assistant Principal, K-8 School UPE
Assistant Principal, Middle School UPE
Assistant Principal, Superintendent's Priority Schools (Elementary, K-8, Middle, High) UPE
Assistant Superintendent, Business Services NRM
Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction NRM
Assistant Superintendent, Facility Support Services NRM
Assistant Superintendent, Student Support Services NRM
Assistant Supervisor, HVAC Technician/Plumber SEIU
Associate In-House Counsel, Labor Negotiations NRM
Athletic Director SCTA
Attendance Technician I SEIU
Attendance Technician II SEIU
Attendance, Drop-Out, and Drug Intervention Specialist SEIU
Auditor Analyst CONF
Automotive Service Technician SEIU
Behavior Intervention Specialist, Special Education Department SCTA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) NRM
Board of Education Specialist CONF
BTSA Induction Technician SEIU
Budget Analyst CONF