Titlesort icon Type Attachment
Building Automation and HVAC Systems Technician SEIU
Bus Attendant SEIU
Bus Driver SEIU
Bus Vehicle Mechanic SEIU
Buyer I SEIU
Campus Monitor SEIU
Career Information Technician SEIU
Carpenter SEIU
Carpet/Floor Maintenance Worker SEIU
Central Maintenance Laborer SEIU
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant SEIU
Chief Academic Officer SUP-CAB
Chief Business and Operations Officer SUP-CAB
Chief Communications Officer SUP-CAB
Chief Continuous Improvement and Accountability Officer SUP-CAB
Chief Human Resource Services Officer SUP-CAB
Chief Information Officer SUP-CAB
Child Care Attendant, Child Development SEIU
Child Development Data Information Technician SEIU
Child Development Facilities/Licensing Specialist SEIU
Child Development Program Technician SEIU
Child Development Specialist I and II SEIU
Child Development Teacher SCTA
Child Welfare and Attendance Liaison SEIU
Child Welfare and Attendance Specialist SEIU
Children's Center Nurse SCTA
Classification and Compensation Analyst, CARES Act CONF
Classification and Compensation Specialist CONF
Clerk I SEIU
Clinician, Psychologist/Social Worker SCTA
Community of Caring and Prevention/Intervention Program Assistant SEIU
Construction/Bond Accounting Specialist SEIU
Contract Analyst CONF
Controller, High School SEIU
Controller-Bookkeeper, Adult Education SEIU
Controller-Bookkeeper, High School SEIU
Coordinator I, Instructional Technology UPE
Coordinator I, Learning Support Services NRM
Coordinator I, Mental Health NRM
Coordinator I, Safety Intervention and Response NRM
Coordinator I, Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) UPE
Coordinator II, 504 & Educational Supports, CARES Act UPE
Coordinator II, Change Management Trainer/ Coordinator NRM
Coordinator II, College and Career Experience NRM
Coordinator II, Foster Youth Services NRM
Coordinator II, Health Services NRM