Titlesort icon Type Attachment
Library Services Applications Specialist SEIU
Library/Textbook Acquisitions Technician SEIU
Library/Textbook Services Technician SEIU
Linked Learning Specialist SEIU
Linked Learning/Career Technical Preparation Program Technician SEIU
Locksmith SEIU
Maintenance and Grounds Assistant Supervisor SEIU
Management Information Technician SEIU
Manager I, Central Kitchen NRM
Manager I, Facilities Maintenance NRM
Manager I, Nutrition Services Procurement & Warehouse NRM
Manager II, Communications Officer NRM
Manager II, Community Engagement NRM
Manager II, District Operations and Security Services NRM
Manager II, Environmental Sustainability NRM
Manager II, GIS/Facilities NRM
Manager II, Matriculation and Orientation Center NRM
Manager II, Nutrition Program NRM
Manager II, Policy and Governance for the Board of Education NRM
Manager II, Purchasing Services NRM
Manager III, Adult Education NRM
Manager III, Network, Telecommunications, and Technology Services NRM
Materials Lab Technician SEIU
Matriculation and Orientation Center Technician SEIU
Medi-Cal Reimbursement Programs Specialist SEIU
Media Technician SEIU
Mild-Moderate Special Day Class Teacher SCTA
Moderate-Severe Special Day Class Teacher SCTA
Multi-Site Supervisor CSA
Network Specialist I and II SEIU
Network Specialist III SEIU
Noon Duty Assistant TEMP
Nutrition Services Inventory Control Facilitator SEIU
Nutrition Services Program Technician SEIU
Nutrition Services Program Technician II SEIU
Occupational Therapist SEIU
Office Assistant, Fiscal Services CONF
Office Assistant, Legal Services/Safe Schools CONF
Office Technician I SEIU
Office Technician II SEIU
Office Technician III SEIU
Office Technician IV SEIU
Ombudsperson SEIU
Open Enrollment Technician SEIU
Operations Specialist TEAM
Painter SEIU
Painter Assistant Supervisor SEIU
Painter, Sign SEIU
Parent Advisor SEIU
Parent and Student Engagement Specialist SEIU