Title Typesort icon Attachment
Athletic Director SCTA
School Audiometrist SCTA
Teacher SCTA
Language, Speech and Hearing Specialist SCTA
Resource Teacher, Adult Basic Education SCTA
Training Specialist, High School SCTA
Resource Teacher, Vocational Education (Career Education) SCTA
Diagnostic Teacher, Special Education SCTA
Moderate-Severe Special Day Class Teacher SCTA
Resource Specialist, Career Development and Vocational Assessment - DIS SCTA
Teacher, Parent-Preschool Education SCTA
Resource Teacher, Multilingual Education SCTA
Counselor SCTA
Program Specialist, Special Education SCTA
School Social Worker SCTA
District Librarian SCTA
Resource Teacher, Elementary SCTA
Vocational Specialist SCTA
Behavior Intervention Specialist, Special Education Department SCTA
Librarian SCTA
School Nurse SCTA
Resource Teacher, American Indian Education Program SCTA
Training Specialist, Special Education SCTA
Resource Specialist (Special Education-Resource Specialist Program [RSP]) SCTA
ROP (Regional Occupational Program) Counselor SCTA
Clinician, Psychologist/Social Worker SCTA
Educational Audiologist SCTA
Resource Specialist, Consolidated Programs SCTA
Child Development Teacher SCTA
Training Specialist SCTA
Supervisor II, Child Development Registration NRS
Supervisor I, Safety Officer NRS
Supervisor III, Student Services NRS
Supervisor I, Food Services - Area NRS
Supervisor I, Floor Supervisor, Central Kitchen NRS
Supervisor I, School, Family, and Community Partnerships NRS
Supervisor IV, Nutrition NRS
Supervisor I, Chef/Trainer NRS
Supervisor II, Adult Education NRS
Supervisor II, Nutrition Services Personnel NRS
Director III, Guidance and Counseling NRM
Director III, Enrollment Center NRM
Director III, Professional Learning, Literacy, ELA and Humanities NRM
Director III, Summer School and Extended Learning Opportunities NRM
Director III, Facilities Management, Maintenance and Operations, and Resource Management NRM
Coordinator II, Research and Data NRM
Coordinator I, Learning Support Services NRM
Manager II, Communications Officer NRM
In-House Counsel NRM
Assistant Superintendent, Labor Relations NRM