General Education Home Hospital Instruction

General Education Home Hospital Instruction

Overview Capital City School

Health Services, in collaboration with Student Hearing & Placement, and Capital City Independent Study School, has developed a new model for delivering Home Hospital Instruction. We now offer a program called Medical Independent Study as a less restrictive setting for students who are eligible for Home Hospital Instruction.

We have provided a Decision Tree to help schools determine if it is appropriate to refer a student for our program(s). We have also provided a new, simpler application packet to provide to families.

The new process:

  • Completed applications will be sent to where Health Services will review and approve or deny the application.
  • If approved, a meeting will be scheduled at Capital City School between the family, Principal, Counselor and School Nurse.
  • Once the individualized instruction plan is developed, the family will decide whether to proceed or not, as this is an elective program.
  • All instruction will be provided through Capital City Independent Study School.