General Education Home Hospital Instruction

General Education Home Hospital Instruction

Overview Capital City School

The Sacramento City Unified School District Home Hospital Instruction Program provides on-going academic instruction to students with a TEMPORARY disability which makes school attendance impossible or inadvisable.

“A student with a temporary disability, which makes school attendance in regular day classes or alternative education program in which the student is enrolled impossible or inadvisable, shall receive individual instruction in the student’s home or in a hospital or other residential health facility, excluding state hospitals. The goal of home or hospital instruction should be maintenance of the pupil’s former level of performance while recovering.” -CA Ed Code 48206.3/SCUSD BP 6183

If your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), please contact the Special Education Department at (916) 643-9174 or your Case Manager.

The HHI program is only offered during the regular school year.  The program may not be able to support students who are taking certain elective classes, such as world language, lab sciences, shop courses, or any other subjects requiring hands-on instruction.

Home Hospital Instruction is, by definition, a temporary program and is not provided for extended periods of time or in lieu of school attendance. The Health Services Department, in collaboration with Capital City School, oversees the program by receiving referrals from the student’s school or by requests from parents/guardians.  Once the completed application is received, the HHI Case Manager will contact the family to discuss eligibility.

There are two models for delivering instruction: 

  1. Home Hospital Instruction (HHI) in the home, hospital setting, or via virtual learning for up to 5 hours of instruction a week.
  2. Medical Independent Study (MIS) is a less restrictive setting for students where the student meets with a teacher at Capital City School or via virtual learning for 1 hour a week.

Please see/click on the Decision Tree to help schools determine if it is appropriate to refer a student for our program(s).  The application packet is available here.


  • Student must be enrolled in a K-12 grade at any Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) school AND reside in the SCUSD boundary
  • Student has an anticipated absence from regular school for 6 weeks from the submission of the Request for Home Hospital Instruction due to a temporary, short-term disability (SCUSD BP 6183)
  • The licensed medical professional verifies, in writing, the student’s diagnosis and need for Home Hospital Instruction.  Please note, though the medical professional recommends and/or requests Home and Hospital Instruction, Home and Hospital Instruction is at the discretion of the district.
  • The referring licensed medical professional must be responsible for continuing treatment and service while the student is out of regular school.

If your student is hospitalized at Shriner’s Hospital, Sutter Center for Psychiatry, Sutter Medical Center, or UC Davis Children’s Hospital, instruction will be provided by a SCUSD teacher 

Additional Information:

  • Home Hospital Instruction application packets are available by clicking on the application packet link here.
  • Completed applications will be sent to where Health Services will review and approve or deny the application.

For more information or questions, contact:
Noel Estacio, Coordinator