Black/African American Advisory Board (B/AAAB)


There is urgent work necessary to support our African American students in reaching their full potential. As educators and leaders in our community, we are obligated to change outcomes for African American students on a variety of key district student outcome indicators, including grade level readiness, graduation, A-G completion, and college and career readiness measurements.  

Current outcomes are unacceptable and serve as the impetus for establishing the Black/African American Advisory Board. This advisory board will be comprised of members of our community who have demonstrated expertise, knowledge of developing solutions to complex issues, and clear commitment to increasing student outcomes and narrowing opportunity gaps. 

Black/African American Advisory Board Committee Members

Cassandra Jennings
Conrad Crump
Franshelle Brown
Kim Williams
Malachi Smith
Matt Wallace
Nakeisha Thomas
Noah Hayes
Sonia Lewis
Terrence Gladney
Toni Tinker
Thomas Rose-Bolden