John F. Kennedy Criminal Justice Academy
Grades 9-12

School Program

Program Information

The Criminal Justice Academy (CJA) strives to promote high academic
achievement for students, develop their marketable career skills,
encourage them to continue higher education, and enhance the quality
of life in our community. CJA is a para-military program focusing on
law enforcement and public service. There is a full-time police officer
who helps direct the program and mentor the cadets. The career
technical courses, which uses curriculum designed in cooperation
with the Sacramento Police Department, prepare cadets for a career
in law enforcement and public service. CJA core values are pride,
professionalism, respect and teamwork.

Download the CJA Profile to learn more specifics about this program.

CJA Student Outcomes

  • Various field trips each year, such as camping, paintballing, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, college tours
  • Awards for cadets with high GPAs and community service, leadership opportunity to become a rank officer (Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Company Commander) with responsibility for running aspects of the academy
  • 90% or more of CJA cadets complete a-g requirements
  • Internships and jobs with the city of Sacramento and Sacramento Police Department

Application Requirements

Please fill out a Specialty Program Application to enroll into this program (available 11/18/19-12/19/19).