Hiram Johnson Corporate Business Academy (JCBA)
Grades 10-12

School Program

Program Information

JCBA is one of the first partnership academies in the state of California and the 1st to be certified in the Sacramento City Unified School District. JCBA prepares students for the rigors of college and provides skills that will be needed in future careers through a business oriented curriculum. Our students participate in project based learning activities and a portfolio assessment that highlights cross-curricular learning. Beyond the classroom opportunities are also featured with trips to nearby colleges and businesses. Our students also gain practical experience through the operation of the school’s copy service and VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance). JCBA strives to produce a well-rounded student ready to overcome all the challenges they will face in life.

Download the JCBA Profile to learn more specifics about this program.

JCBA Student Outcomes

Journey through Life Skills

  • Develop ethical decision making skills
  • Develop post secondary goals and the strategies to reach those goals
  • Demonstrate respect for multiple perspectives and cultures
  • Develop the self-management skills to achieve academic and life success

Communication Skills

  • Master written verbal and presentation communication skills
  • Cooperating to accomplish a common goal by valuing all contributions and assuming shared responsibility for collaborative work and evaluate information from a wide variety of sources
  • Use digital tools to create authentic, relevant projects that demonstrate complex conceptual understandings
  • Use digital tools to effectively communicate and collaborate
  • Use digital tools ethically in their personal and professional lives

Business Entrepreneur Skills

  • Become resourceful learners who are aware of their needs and goals
  • Become risk takers who challenge themselves
  • Become community member who engages in community service opportunities
  • Become reflective learners who accept critical feedback and grow from experiences without being fearful of failure

Academic and Career Skills

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrate responsible decision-making skills
  • Demonstrate application of knowledge to solving problems encountered in the workplace and in everyday life

Application Requirements

Please fill out a Specialty Program Application to enroll into this program (available 11/18/19-12/19/19).