Titlesort icon Type Attachment
Nutrition Services Purchasing and Warehouse Specialist SEIU
Occupational Therapist SEIU
Office Assistant, Fiscal Services CONF
Office Assistant, Legal Services/Safe Schools CONF
Office Technician I SEIU
Office Technician II SEIU
Office Technician III SEIU
Office Technician IV SEIU
Ombudsperson SEIU
Open Enrollment Technician SEIU
Operations Specialist TEAM
Painter SEIU
Painter Assistant Supervisor SEIU
Painter, Sign SEIU
Parent Advisor SEIU
Parent and Student Engagement Specialist SEIU
Performance Management Specialist SEIU
Personnel Specialist CONF
Personnel Technician I SEIU
Personnel Technician II SEIU
Personnel Technician III SEIU
Personnel Technician, Substitute Services SEIU
Pest Control Specialist SEIU
Planning Specialist SEIU
Planning Technician SEIU
Plumber SEIU
Plumber Assistant Supervisor SEIU
Power Equipment Machinist SEIU
Principal, Continuation High School UPE
Principal, Elementary School UPE
Principal, High School UPE
Principal, Independent Study School UPE
Principal, K-8 School UPE
Principal, Middle School UPE
Principal, New Innovative Small High School UPE
Principal, Superintendent's Priority Schools (Elementary, K-8, Middle, High) UPE
Print Shop and Mail Technician I SEIU
Print Shop Technician II SEIU
Professional Development Technician SEIU
Program Coordinator, Homeless UPE
Program Records Technician, Capital Asset Management Services SEIU
Program Records Technician, Planning and Construction SEIU
Program Records Technician, Special Education SEIU
Program Specialist, Adult Education SCTA
Program Specialist, Bilingual Education SCTA
Program Specialist, Counseling SCTA
Program Specialist, Designated Instruction and Services, Communicatively Handicapped SCTA
Program Specialist, Gifted and Talented Education SCTA
Program Specialist, Special Education SCTA
Project Facilitator, California New Teacher Support SCTA