Parent Participation Preschool

Parent Participation Preschool Program


Nurturing, caring teachers will help you and your child grow to your full potential in this unique preschool setting. Our education is focused on child development, positive discipline and developmentally appropriate practices. 

Parents work in the classroom in collaboration and guidance of the teacher to help children develop a variety of skills. Parents also learn parenting techniques to use in the classroom and at home.

Sacramento City Unified School District currently has three Parent Participation Preschool locations. There are three types of classes offered: 5 days a week, 4 days a week and a Friday toddler class. Please see locations listed below for specific information about what classes are offered at each location. 

To attend the preschool programs, children need to be 3 years old and fully potty trained. Children must be 2 years old to attend the Friday toddler class. 


To enroll in a Parent Participation Preschool program, please call (916) 643-7823 or email Garrison Weeks at

Download the Parent Participation Preschool packet

Parent Participation Requirements

The parent/guardian or family member works in the classroom one day per week. Age-appropriate activities are planned and developed by parents with the assistance of the teacher to help children develop skills throughout each milestone.

Parents are also required to attend the parent education classes which meet outside of the preschool component, usually during the evening.

Children may participate every day of their particular class schedule. 

Preschool Locations

For information about a specific Parent Participation Preschool program, please email the teacher for each program listed below. 

Edward Kelley Preschool

3340 Bradshaw Rd
Sacramento, CA 95827

5 Day Preschool Program (M-F)
Class Time: 9:00-11:30AM


Amanda Chapman

Tahoe Elementary School

3110 60th Street
Sacramento, CA 95820


5 Day Program (M-F)
Class Time: 12:00-2:30PM

4 Day Program (M-TH)
Class Time: 9:00-11:30AM

1 Day Program (F)
For 2 year olds
Class Time: 8:30-11:00AM


Tamara Toby

Thomas Jefferson Preschool

2635 Chestnut Hill Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826


5 Day Program (M-F)
Class Time: 12:00-2:45PM

4 Day Program (M-TH)
Class Time: 9:00 – 11:30AM

1 Day Program (F)
For 2 year olds
Class Time: 9:00 –11:30AM


Paula Landahl

Cost Per Semester

One-Time Matriculation fee: $75.00

5-day program:  $1,205.00 semester

4-day program:  $ 985.00 semester

1-day program: $ 430.00 semester